How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep: CBD CBN Nighttime Tincture

Are you considering a CBD CBN Nighttime Tincture for a better night’s sleep? Yeah. Us too. Before we go into how a CBD CBN Nighttime Tincture could support your sleep, let’s start with why you may be having trouble sleeping. Then, we’ll highlight recent studies on CBD and CBN, and our recommendations for CBD products that may help support your sleep.

Stress and anxiety doesn’t help your sleep

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Besides biological and genetic factors, last year was hard on everyone. Loss of loved ones, unemployment, shortages of goods and services — it all took a toll on our stress levels.

Many of the things we used to do to relieve stress were also unavailable because of the pandemic. Drinks with friends? Bars are closed. How about a nice massage? Spas are closed. Shopping? Think again. Even when businesses are open, many people are afraid to be around other people. All this resulted in more trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. According to a recent article from AJMC, there was a 14.8% increase in sleep medication prescriptions in the United States from February 2020- March 2020 during the pandemic.

That evidence suggests an increase in people struggling with sleep issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While sleep aids can be dangerous and addictive, many people turn to them because they don’t realize there are other options available. If you’re looking for a better night’s sleep that, but don’t have access to prescription drugs and don’t want to turn to sleep meds, CBD and CBN could offer a solution.

Is CBD a natural alternative for sleep?

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A study published in 2019 by Dr. Scott Shannon from the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Colorado, and his team, reported that 79.2% of adults presenting primary concerns of anxiety saw decreased anxiety within the first month. Of those who participated and struggle with poor sleep, 66.7% of patients saw improved sleep scores.

Why try a CBD CBN Nighttime Tincture?

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While CBD has many different benefits, CBN is widely known for being associated with sleep. Trying out a tincture with both CBD and CBN takes advantage of two naturally occurring cannabinoids. In fact, Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino, DOa Parsley Health Los Angeles physician explained in a 2019 interview that CBN is believed to specifically bind with our CB2 receptors, which are expressed throughout the body, as opposed to CB1 receptors, which are just in your brain. That binding, Tolentino explained, is reported to produce a pain-relieving effect, which “may account for its reported benefit as a sleep aid.”

Why we love the Hempzilla CBD + CBN Tincture – Nighttime Formula

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First off, it works — and it tastes like heaven! But don’t just take our word for it, check out our latest reviews. Our CBD CBN Nighttime Tincture is infused with lavender, our sleep terpene blend, and organic, non-GMO hemp grown right here in the USA. We support sustainable farming practices and our state of the art FDA certified labs are ISO Certified, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certified, ISO 14666 Class 6 Clean Room Certified, and uphold ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management.

How do I use a tincture?

Everyone is different, but we recommend starting with 1 dropperful (1mL) before bed each night. For effectiveness, it’s best to hold the oil under your tongue for at least 30 seconds so it can absorb. Remember to keep any CBD products away from pets and children.

Are there other CBD options for catching more ZZZs?

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Not a tincture person? No worries! If you don’t want to give our CBD CBN Nighttime Tincture a go, consider trying our best-selling CBD + CBN Vegan Nighttime Gummies. A long warm bath before bed using our CBD Bath Soak Nighttime formula is also a great start to a restful night. Interested in trying all three of our nighttime CBD products? Try our convenient Nighttime Bundle!