Passion Led Us Here

Never forgetting their roots, Hempzilla founders Sharky and Stavros both know what it takes to survive and maneuver the vast competitive landscape of business. What brought them together 25 years ago was their similar approach — having fun and working from the heart, with a broader vision of inclusiveness. Seizing the opportunity to help improve people’s lives, this long-lasting friendship resulted in the creation of Hempzilla.

Hempzilla’s commitment is to bring the highest quality, organically-sourced CBD product to the mass-market at a reasonable price. Traditionally only available in health food stores and through online sales, Hempzilla’s goal is to spread awareness of this miraculous plant and make it accessible to the average person through thousands of retail locations across the country. Knowing this endeavor could not be accomplished alone, Hempzilla brought an exceptional team of like-minded individuals together — highly qualified farmers in Colorado and chemists and technicians with state-of-the-art GMP and ISO labs.


Raaid "Sharky" Thabata : Founder, Owner

Raaid Thabata, known by friends as “Sharky,” grew up in Paterson, New Jersey — a tough inner-city where hard times, poverty, and struggle were everyday realities. Against the odds, with a strong work ethic and determination, his vision for a better life began to take shape. Having a sharp mind for business, he transformed challenges into opportunities. His business acumen led him to create one of the most successful prepaid businesses in the telecom industry. Today, he continues to capitalize on his success. He has an unwavering commitment to support and improve the lives of both his family and the community.


Stavros Vrahnos : Co-Founder

Stavros Vrahnos and his parents immigrated to the United States from a small village in Greece when he was just nine years old. Starting from scratch in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, they had to adapt to a new culture, learn a new language, and Stavros watched as his parents worked long hours in factories to realize their dream of home-ownership. Growing up, the example they set inspired him to work hard for dreams of his own. From early employment in restaurants to roles in sales and marketing, he eventually found his calling in entrepreneurship. He opened his own restaurant and later founded a multi-million dollar pre-paid telecom company. Today, the strong family work ethic that led to his success continues. He is committed to founding and building businesses that have a positive impact on the lives of others.

Our Facilities

At Hempzilla, we don’t take your health lightly! Our manufacturing facilities are a perfect blend of artisan-style batching and fully automated capabilities to ensure uniformity in all our products.

Following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in an ISO 6000-rated lab, we also test every batch throughout the process for proper dosing and to ensure your product is free of THC and micro bacteria. As one of the few companies in the industry with a full-time Ph.D. biochemist on staff, quality is what truly sets us apart, and we are always first to the market with new ways to deliver CBD to your body for targeted results.

Well known in the hemp industry for quality products and cutting-edge farming practices, our board members travel the country on a regular basis to consult with several of the industry's largest farms and manufacturers about optimizing their business.

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