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CBD Gummies

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CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are some of the most popular CBD products on the market. These sweet treats offer great results for consumers of all kinds, demonstrating the supportive effects of this abundant, natural cannabinoid. 

What are CBD Gummies? 

CBD gummies are just as they sound. They are gummy candies that companies infuse with varying amounts of CBD extract. Brands can choose to use different extracts such as broad-spectrum, full-spectrum or even pure CBD isolate within their gummies to create different experiences. Cannabidiol-infused gummies also come in various flavors and strengths to help appeal to different consumers. 

When shopping for CBD gummies, the market offers numerous types. Consumers can easily come across mild, strong, and extra-strong gummies, all in unique flavors that help the experience become even more enjoyable. 

People love CBD gummies because they are an easy — and tasty — way of consuming a daily dose of cannabidiol. These edibles hide the flavor of the hemp-derived CBD inside, tasting instead just like regular candy. Whether you’re in the mood for something fruity, tropical, or dessert-like, there’s a gummy flavor out there for every taste bud. 

Because they look just like your typical candy, these products tend to be one of the most discreet ways of enjoying CBD. During consumption, these edibles will appear as regular candy or even gummy vitamins to the average outsider. There will be no questions asked, so taking CBD gummies on the go becomes easy and worry-free.  

Effects of CBD Gummies

CBD gummies act differently in the body of every consumer. This has to do with the way the cannabinoid works alongside the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a complex system of cell signalers that is responsible for myriad functions throughout the body. 

When you consume CBD, the cannabinoid functions with the ECS to help ensure your body is working as it should. Thus, if you’re struggling with excess discomfort, that’s likely what the CBD will tackle primarily.  

Thus, every person’s experience with CBD will be different. However, it’s important to establish that CBD does not provide intoxicating effects. When consumed, you will not feel high. Instead, CBD gummies are popular solely for their therapeutic results. Because they are non-intoxicating, many more people can consume them and reap their unique benefits.  

How to Consume CBD Gummies 

Consuming CBD gummies is easy. However, consumers must be cautious of dosing. When enjoying CBD, it is best to start with a low dose and slowly increase the potency over time. If you begin with too strong of a dose, then you may upset the body. While CBD doesn’t have serious side effects, you may find yourself feeling a bit uncomfortable due to overconsumption. Thus, beginners should only start with half of a gummy to see how this affects them. 

If you find that half of a gummy isn’t strong enough to help you feel supported, try a full gummy next time. After consuming, you will have to wait between an hour or two before the effects will fully kick in. If you aren’t patient and consume more before your first dose kicks in, you’ll likely have too strong of a CBD dose. 

You consume CBD gummies just as you would any other gummy candy. But, as we stressed, you have to be extra careful about dosing. Always keep track of how much CBD you’ve consumed. 

Where to Buy the Best CBD Gummies Online

Looking for the best CBD gummies can often feel overwhelming. After all, there are so many different brands out there. Thankfully, Hempzilla is a step above the rest. 

Hempzilla offers some of the highest-quality CBD gummies on the market. You’ll find gummies in various strengths and flavors depending on what you’re craving. Plus, we offer these products at affordable prices so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank when getting the support you need. 

When you buy CBD gummies online from Hempzilla, we ship your products safely and quickly right to your front door. There’s no hassle of finding the right product at the store or waiting in long lines. Instead, we make the process as easy and as accessible as possible. 

To see how pure our CBD gummies are for you, you can always check out Hempzilla’s third-party lab-test results. These results will demonstrate the quality and purity of every product, demonstrating the lack of harmful additives.

CBD Gummies FAQs

Discover everything there is to know about CBD from our frequently asked questions.

Are CBD gummies legal?

Yes, CBD gummies are legal in the United States. Per the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD and CBD products are legal in the country as long as they come from hemp — not marijuana — and do not contain more than 0.3% THC. Thus, hemp-derived CBD gummies are legal in every state in the US.

However, it is important to keep in mind that some states have stricter CBD regulations than others. In Idaho, for example, your CBD product cannot contain any amounts of THC. Thus, you can only purchase broad-spectrum and CBD isolates gummies. So, before you purchase any CBD gummies, make sure you’re aware of the cannabidiol regulations in your area.

Here at Hempzilla, we test all of our CBD products to ensure that they follow these strict guidelines.

Does CBD get you high?

No, CBD does not get you high. CBD is the most abundant non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Its chemical structure does not allow it to bind to the brain’s cannabinoid receptors in a way that would make you feel high. In other words, the cannabinoid just doesn’t have this ability.

It doesn’t matter how strong of a dose you consume, you will not feel intoxicated after having CBD. If you do, then you need to check the products’ COA and see if there are any discrepancies.

What do CBD gummies feel like?

CBD gummies will not make you feel high or intoxicated. Instead, they provide individualized effects for each person. Many consumers report an overall feeling of balance of contentment. Stress levels are often lowered and it may become a bit easier to focus after consuming CBD. Again, this will depend solely on you and the way CBD reacts within the body.

If you consume a high dose of CBD and do not feel any effects, don’t worry. This simply indicates that CBD may not be the right cannabinoid for you — and that’s okay!

Do CBD gummies for sleep work?

CBD also isn’t strong enough to make you feel drowsy the next morning. Thus, you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day with CBD sleep gummies. Just make sure you don’t take these in the morning, too, or you will find yourself feeling way too tired to complete the tasks on your to-do list.

How long does it take for CBD gummies to kick in?

With CBD gummies, you have to be patient. These products take longer to kick in than others, but the effects also last longer. With most CBD gummies, you will have to wait about an hour, maybe two, before the gummy’s effects fully kick in. That being said, you don’t want to consume the second dose of CBD before the first one gets to work. If you do this, you may find yourself having too strong of dosage and feeling uncomfortable.

Also, if you’ve consumed your gummies on an empty stomach, you’re likely to experience effects quicker than if you’ve had your gummies after just eating a meal.

How long do CBD gummy effects last?

CBD gummy effects last much longer than typical CBD products. After consumption, you can expect to feel the effects for several hours afterward. Typically, most consumers find that they only need one dose of their CBD gummy throughout the day to experience the effects they need. However, if you do find the effects of your CBD gummy fading quicker than you’d like, you can always consume another later in the day.

The effects of your CBD gummy will also depend on your body chemistry. If you have a higher metabolism, you may find your body processing the gummy quicker. Thus, your effects may not last as long as someone who has a slower metabolism.

Where do you buy CBD sleep gummies?

If you’re looking to buy CBD gummies online, you’ll find high-quality sleep gummies right here at Hempzilla. Our sleep gummies contain a special blend of CBD and CBN to help give you a strong, relaxing dose of cannabinoids. These gummies are designed to make the body feel more relaxed and the mind unwind even after the longest day of work. You’ll find these gummies available right on our website.

Who should buy CBD gummies?

The best thing about CBD is that almost every person can benefit from them. CBD gummies are non-intoxicating, so you don’t have to worry about feeling high after consumption. Studies find that people of all ages find support from CBD gummies, whether you’re young, old, or middle-aged.

Any person who is looking to experience all-natural support in a tasty, convenient way should buy CBD gummies.

In most places, and from sites like Hempzilla, you have to be at least 18 years old to buy CBD gummies. This will also be the case if you find CBD to purchase in person.

What’s the best CBD gummies dosage for beginners?

When it comes to CBD gummies dosage, every person will find a unique ideal dosage. There is no perfect “starting dose,” so you have to experiment a bit on your own. However, a good general rule of thumb is to start with a low dose and slowly make your way up from there. Starting around 5 mg per dose is a good way of seeing how the CBD reacts in the body without overwhelming it too much.

If you find that 5 mg of CBD isn’t enough to provide you with the effects you need, you can always consume more next time. However, when you increase your dose, you have to do so slowly. You don’t want to triple your initial dose, as you’ll likely find that this is too strong for the body. Instead, you should only go up in increments of 2 or 5 mg. This way, it gives your body ample time to get used to the substance and the effects it brings.

Where can I find CBD gummies for sale?

If you’re hoping to buy the best CBD gummies for sale, look no further than Hempzilla. Hempzilla offers an incredible selection of high-quality CBD gummies for sale, ranging in strength, flavor, and purpose. Whether you’re looking for CBD sleep gummies to help you relax or some sour CBD gummies to give you a boost of focus in your day, Hempzilla has the perfect product for you.

Once you fill your virtual cart and place an order, Hempzilla will process and ship your order out to you in just a few days. Then, before you know it, your tasty CBD gummies will arrive safe and sound at your doorstep, ready for you to consume them.

Hempzilla is proud of the CBD gummies we have to offer. That’s why we allow our customers to view our third-party lab-test results whenever they want. These COAs demonstrate just how high-quality and pure the gummies are, helping you to consume with total confidence. So, the next time you’re looking for high-quality CBD gummies for sale, you can immediately head to Hempzilla.