Why Hempzilla?

High Potency. American Grown.

There’s only one way to Tame the Beast and that’s the Hempzilla way. At Hempzilla, we are committed to providing you with the highest potency, full spectrum CBD products in the market. All of our products are American grown under the supervision of the Colorado Department of Agriculture, processed to the highest standards utilizing a Co2 extraction process and start from raw CBD that contains up to 800mg of pure CBD per gram. This allows us to provide the famed full entourage effect of all the Terpenes and additional Cannabinoids while removing all the THC.

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Isolate vs. Full Spectrum CBD

Through extensive research around the globe, it is clear that the “Full Spectrum CBD” products are by far superior to “Isolate” products. Clini­cal research proves such an argument, that CBD isolates alone, does not travel through to your CB receptors easily, while full spectrum, complex cannabinoids are able to open the necessary doorway for the medicinal benefits CBD has to offer. Without those doorways being opened, for CBD to pass through, you will experience very little medicinal benefits CBD has to offer.

Why Do Most Companies Use Isolate CBD? Most companies use isolates for three reasons:

1. Isolates are far cheaper and more abundant.

2. Isolates are an easy product to work into secondary products, like vapes and edibles, unlike “Full Spectrum CBD”. Similarly, as oil doesn’t mix well with water, although not impossible. Since most companies are seek­ing quick profit, they don’t spend the critical time or money doing real research and development, and many are unaware of the difference.

3. Isolate is conveniently tasteless, therefore easier to introduce flavoring.


An important question many wholesalers don’t ask but should is: What is the potency level of your base product? Many companies that use full spectrum CBD, tend to use a low-potency raw material, to save money on their bottom line. Most companies, we have researched, use between 20%-25% potency Full Spectrum CBD, including some of the biggest manufacturers on the market. The higher-the-grade raw CBD you use, the more benefits you will pass on to your customers, yet the price per gram is drastically different. 75%-85% potency is the “sweet spot” for raw Full Spectrum CBD, because it brings the highest potency possible, while still carrying the entire cannabinoid family within it.


There are several types of extraction methods we have to choose from: Co2, ethanol, butane, propane, and ether. From all of these options, Co2 is by far the cleanest method of extraction. Even though it yields far less finished product, and is much slower than some of the alternative meth­ods, we have chosen to use Co2 extraction for our raw products. The al­ternatives leave behind heavy metals and host several impurities that are unhealthy.

Milligram Strength

Bigger is not necessarily always better. According to research from lead­ing authorities in Israel, the CB receptors cannot absorb more than 25 milligrams at a time. Anything more than that is wasted in our digestive system. Although some companies boast 5000mg and sometimes more, they are using a low-quality Isolate product that is not getting the desired results by its consumer. Since Isolate is so much cheaper than Full Spec­trum, manufacturers can continue to increase milligram strengths without pricing themselves out of the market.

What Else is in The Bottle?

While understanding what raw products are best, it is equally important to evaluate the supporting ingredients. Every ingredient on the label contributes to the final healthfulness of the product.

We have carefully chosen each and every ingredient included in our products, using the highest quality supplier of our ingredients to bring the most beneficial and highest quality CBD products to the market. We take pride in every single product that carries the Hempzilla name.

Import vs. Domestic

For imported CBD products to be in the US market, they are required to use stalk and stem extractions only. The stalks and stems of the cannabis plant have very little CBD in them; it is primarily concentrated in the flower of the plant. Since the Farm Bill Act of 2014 was signed into law, US farmers went to work cultivating high CBD-yielding plants. This higher quality product, even though more expensive, has gained significant market share and is considered a premier product of choice.

Made in the USA

Our products are all American made. Our CBD is grown, harvested, and extracted organically and ethically, and is then manufactured in our ISO 6000 compliant labs. We are committed to maintaining sustainable farming methods, hoping to reduce our impact on the land and are very mindful of the future generations that will follow us. We are a part of the sustainable agriculture revolution; the phytocannabinoid CBD revolution.