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The CBN cannabinoid has been around for years, and still, consumers of all backgrounds flock to this compound when looking for unique forms of support. CBN comes in so many different forms, and here at Hempzilla, we have a huge selection of CBN products for you to choose from. 

What is CBN?

The cannabis plant contains many cannabinoids, including cannabinol, which is short for cannabinol. This cannabinoid is typically found in aged cannabis, as CBN is the result of aged THC. So, if you have some bud that’s been sitting around for a while, there’s a good chance that some of the THC in flower has now transformed into CBN. So, theoretically, the older the cannabis, the higher the amount of CBN.

Some people may think, “Old THC? No thanks.” But, CBN has widespread results that all types of consumers can enjoy. So, while it may not get you high, this cannabinoid is great for myriad other reasons. The reason it is so sought after by so many consumers every day is that it is so convenient.

However, when combined with CBD, these two cannabinoids create incredibly relaxing results. This may be a wonderful option for those struggling to fall or stay asleep at night, whether it be due to restless thoughts or overall discomfort. However, CBN has novel effects that are worth exploring on their own.

These days, you can find CBN products in various forms. While CBN flower is trendy, you can also find CBN gummies, CBN tinctures, CBN topicals, and even CBN vapes. This way, you can enjoy or consume this unique cannabinoid in whatever way appeals to you. The versatility of CBN is something that every consumer can appreciate, and here at Hempzilla, we’re proud to offer so many different product options just for you. 

Our Best CBN Products

Here at Hempzilla, we offer a huge selection of some of the best CBN products. Check out our best CBN products below. 

CBN + CBG + CBD Juul Pod: Balance

Put something new in your Juul pod. Our Juul-compatible pods are perfect for enjoying a dose of our comprehensive CBN, CBG, and CBD blend. Our Balance pod is best for providing full-body results and is ideal for anyone looking to replace nicotine with a cannabinoid experience instead. At 400 mg., you’ll love this terpene-rich formula.  

CBN + CBD Juul Pod: Nighttime

Perfect for puffing on before bed, our CBN + CBD Juul compatible Nighttime pod will stay best on your nightstand. We use an Indica-dominant blend to promote more substantial effects, and the 400 mg. pods are always nicotine and THC-free. 

CBN + CBD Juul Pod: Relax 

Once your work day has ended and it’s time to unwind, our Relax Juul pod will be your best friend. Made with both CBN, CBD, and relaxing terpenes, this Juul-compatible pod can help you forget about the stressors of your day and instead focus on all the good. If you struggle with winding down or chilling out, the Relax pod may be an attractive option. 

CBN + CBD Nighttime Vape Pen

Don’t have a Juul? Don’t worry. We also offer our Nighttime formula in a disposable vape pen form. With this pen, you’ll simply puff and puff until you’ve finished the relaxing formula. Once you’re done, you’ll throw it away and move on to another — it really is that simple. Best for before bed, you’ll fall in love with the deep bedtime support this pen can provide. 

Nighttime CBN Tincture

If you’re not into smoking, that’s okay. Instead, you can always turn to our potent Nighttime blend in our CBN tincture formula. With this tincture, you’ll simply place your dose of Nighttime CBN oil under your tongue and hold it there for a few seconds before swallowing. 

Nighttime Gummies 

A great way to enjoy your dose of CBN is through a tasty, juicy gummy. Here at Hempzilla, we offer our potent Nighttime CBN blend in both regular and extra-strength gummy options. You can choose between our 300 mg. and our 750 mg. gummies, both coming in either six or 30-pack containers. These CBN gummies are vegan and don’t contain any artificial flavors or strange ingredients. 

Relax Vape Pen 

Ready to sit back and relax? That happens when you take a few puffs from Hempzilla’s Relax vape pen. This vape contains the popular CBN + CBD blend that Hempzila’s known for, and it comes in a disposable form. So, you won’t need anything other than your mouth and lungs to enjoy this de-stressing 175 mg. vape pen. 

Balance Vape Pen 

At 175 mg., the Balance vape pen is the perfect way to feel at ease and comfortable with yourself. This disposable vape pen has a comprehensive blend of CBD, CBN, and CBG and ten unique terpenes to produce a potent formula that your mind will love. If you just need to find a little balance in your daily life, this pen is a great way to do it. 

Why Choose Hempzilla for CBN Products 

When you go to buy CBN online, you want to make sure you’re purchasing these products from reputable sources; otherwise, you just don’t know what you’re buying. Here at Hempzilla, we pride ourselves on our high-quality CBN products, strongly believing we sell the best of the best. But, if you don’t believe us, you’ll have to just see for yourself.

Hempzilla is the best place for CBN products because of our product quality, selection, and customer service. With Hempzilla, you always have access to our third-party lab-test results. These test results demonstrate just how pure our products are, as well as the exact cannabinoid levels. You shouldn’t purchase from any brand that doesn’t have credible lab reports, so Hempzilla can give you that peace of mind you need.

We also offer a vast selection of CBN products in general. Not only do we have the best CBN products, but we have so many for you to choose from. Depending on what appeals to you most, you can buy vapes, Juul-compatible pods, tinctures, vapes, gummies, and more. With so many products to choose from, you’ll never leave our site feeling like you didn’t find what you needed. (And if you do, just let us know! We take your suggestions seriously.) 

The next time you’re looking for CBN for sale, skip the hassle and head straight to Hempzilla. Our high-quality products, transparent values, and comprehensive lab-test results say it all.

CBN Products – Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBN legal in the United States?

Yes, CBN is legal in the United States. As long as the cannabinoid is derived from hemp and the product doesn’t contain more than 0.3% THC, it is federally legal across the country.

Before you buy any CBN products, it’s essential to check the lab results to ensure that they align with the standards of the 2018 Farm Bill. Here at Hempzilla, every one of our products follows the guidelines of this bill, and our COAs prove that.

Does CBN make you high?

No, CBN does not make you high. Technically, CBN is a mildly psychoactive cannabinoid, but it doesn’t produce highs the way that THC does. Because CBN comes from THC itself, it will have some residual effects; thus, it does have a slight psychoactive profile. But, most consumers will never experience any intoxicating effects from the cannabinoid unless it is paired with other THC compounds.

What’s the difference between CBD and CBN?

CBN and CBD (cannabidiol) are two completely different cannabinoids. CBN comes from aged THC and does have a slight psychoactive profile to it, though it won’t get you high. On the flip side, CBD has no relation to THC (other than they’re both cannabinoids), and it doesn’t have the ability to get you high at all.

In general, CBD is much more abundant in the cannabis plant than CBN. CBN tends to be present in only small levels, with aged cannabis having higher levels than new, fresh buds. On the flip side, though, CBD is present in high amounts in hemp and marijuana. Thus, CBN is a bit rarer and can be fun to try because of its novelty (and amazing effects, of course).

What is the recommended dosage of CBN?

The recommended dosage of CBN is going to depend on various factors, as there is not one perfect dose for everybody. You have to consider factors such as body chemistry, cannabis tolerance, and the product you’re taking.

Your body chemistry plays a huge part in your recommended dosage of CBN, as some people simply require higher doses than others. This may be because of weight, metabolism, or something different; regardless, it’s best to start with a low dosage of CBN — around 5-10 mg. — to see how this affects you.

It’s also important to consider your previous cannabis tolerance. If you’re someone who has had a lot of THC or even CBD in your life, then you’re probably going to need a higher dose of CBN than someone who has never tried a cannabinoid. Still, begin with a low dose, maybe closer to 10 mg. side, to see how it feels in the body. Then, you can always consume more if need be.

Finally, keep in mind the product you’re taking. CBN gummies are going to take longer to kick in, but their results are going to be very concentrated and quite long-lasting. Because of that, you’re probably going to want to start with a lower dose than someone who is puffing on a vape pen. CBN vape pens will kick in immediately, but the effects will fade a bit quicker.

How is CBN made?

CBN is made from THC, surprisingly enough. Naturally, the cannabis plant produces THC; as it ages, the THC cannabinoid starts to degrade and transform. This transformation creates the CBN cannabinoid.

Manufacturers and consumers alike have found ways to speed up the CBN creation process, so you no longer have to wait for your cannabis to get old and dry in order to try some CBN. Oxidation and heating processes work well to degrade THC and transform it. Easily enough, you can do this using your own oven and some dried bud, just like with the decarboxylation process — only with slightly higher temperatures.

Today, CBN products are more abundant than ever because of these techniques. But if you do have some old bud laying around, there’s a good chance there’s at least a little bit of CBN in there.

How long does CBN stay in the body?

If you’re just trying CBN, the cannabinoid may linger in your body for anywhere from 2-5 days, depending on your body chemistry. But, if you’re someone who consumes CBN more frequently, the cannabinoid may stay present for much longer, potentially a few weeks. The more you consume the cannabinoid, the longer it will be in the body.

How does CBN work?

In the body, CBN works similarly to CBD because it works mainly alongside our CB2 receptors. The cannabinoid isn’t going to bind to the receptors in the brain, so it doesn’t provide those euphoric effects that people are used to feeling with THC. Instead, the cannabinoid works to help provide support in the areas it can. These results will vary from person to person, as they’re individualized to the body system.

Is CBN a psychoactive cannabinoid?

Technically, yes, CBN is a psychoactive cannabinoid. Because the cannabinoid comes from THC, it does have a very mild psychoactive profile. However, the CBN cannabinoid is not known for getting consumers high. Even though it has this psychoactive element, it doesn’t produce the same effects as THC. So, you will not be left feeling high after consuming a regular dose of CBN.

Can CBN be intoxicating?

CBN is psychoactive but non-intoxicating. You will not feel intoxicated after consuming CBN products unless you combine the cannabinoid with THC. On its own and in typical doses, consumers shouldn’t feel any intoxicating effects from this cannabinoid.

How to Enjoy CBN?

Thankfully, CBN is a very versatile product, so you can enjoy it virtually any way you please.

However, if you have complications with the lungs or have had problems in the past, you should avoid smoking CBN. But you have plenty of other options! Many people love turning to CBN tinctures because they provide quick, potent results without inhalation. If you consume your CBN oil sublingually, the effects should kick in within about 10-30 minutes. Sublingual consumption refers to placing the oil under your tongue, holding it there for a few seconds, and then swallowing. Doing this allows the cannabinoids to take a fast track to your bloodstream using the mucus membranes in the mouth.

Not every person enjoys the flavor of CBN tinctures, though. If you’re looking for something sweeter and less earthy, then CBN gummies are a wonderful option. CBN gummies will take a long time to kick in (typically around 1-2 hours), but the effects will last for hours. They taste just like your typical gummy candy, and the potent effects are wonderful for those who need them.

No matter what your personal preference is, Hempzilla has the best CBN product for you!

Does CBN fail drug tests?

Unfortunately, CBN does have a high chance of creating a false positive on a drug test. Researchers have looked into why CBN may potentially fail a drug test, which has to do with the cannabinoid’s ties to THC. Drug tests themselves don’t look for any other cannabinoid than THC metabolites; so, if a cannabinoid has THC metabolites present, the test will think it’s delta-9 THC and fail a person. Thus, many consumers fail drug tests after consuming CBN products.

If you have a drug test coming up, it’s best to avoid the CBN cannabinoid for a while (as well as other THC cannabinoids). This will give your body a chance to fully flush out the compounds and ensure you have a negative drug test. Then, once you’ve taken your test, you will be good to go to enjoy your CBN products from Hempzilla.

Can I get CBN products in bulk with Hempzilla CBD?

Yes! If you want to buy CBD online in bulk, Hempzilla is the place to do it. We offer our products wholesale for those consumers looking to offer high-quality products to their own clients. All you have to do is click here and then fill out your information. We will take a look at what you submitted and reach back out to further the process. Soon, you’ll be selling your own high-quality CBN products in bulk.