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CBD Lotion

There are so many different types of CBD products on the market today. From CBD vapes to pre-rolls and tinctures, consumers can utilize CBD in practically any way possible — including topically. Topicals like CBD lotion have gained serious popularity over the years for their various effects, easy usability, and lack of side effects.

What is CBD Lotion?

CBD lotion is regular lotion that experts have infused with varying amounts of CBD. Cannabidiol has incredible potential when it comes to the skin, and consumers are finding that adding CBD to products like lotion is a great way to get the topical dose they need.

CBD body lotion looks just like your typical lotion; only it’s been infused with CBD. The product may smell a bit herbaceous depending on what you buy. While some CBD lotions may remind you of hemp, others smell floral and refreshing to disguise the plant-based ingredients.

Different scents will find CBD lotion in various strengths, and some topicals are more potent than others to help with specific conditions. CBD lotion is incredibly popular for those with discomfort, though you’ll require a stronger formula. Thus, CBD lotions are available in mild, strong, and extra-strong options for consumers of all needs.

Compared to other CBD products, CBD lotion — and other topicals — work differently. CBD oil, for example, performs throughout the bloodstream to find and target areas that need support. This is because, with CBD oil, you actually consume the product. With CBD lotion, you’re not consuming it all. Instead, you’re just applying it to the skin directly. Thus, the cannabinoids in CBD body lotion never actually make it to your bloodstream. Instead, they focus themselves on the area of the body you apply it to.

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, you can find CBD-infused lotion practically anywhere. It legalized hemp for sale and production, as long as the product comes from hemp and doesn’t contain more than 0.3% THC. Hemp CBD lotion, then, is available across the country. (But, you’ll find the best product options at Hempzilla.)

What Does CBD Lotion Do?

CBD lotion does myriad things depending on the type of product you buy. Primarily, people tend to seek CBD lotion for ache.

If you come across CBD hand lotion, you can use this type of topical for various purposes. This can be wonderful for those with arthritis or if you’re someone who works with their hands all day. CBD hand lotion is also ideal for providing a dose of natural hydration.

Where you use CBD lotion for ache or for moisturization is entirely up to you. However, you want to make sure you’re purchasing the right types of products for your needs.

Why Hempzilla is the Best Place to Buy CBD Lotion Online

When you’re looking for the best CBD lotion, Hempzilla is the place to go. Our online store is full of some of the highest-quality CBD topicals you can get your hands on. Our CBD hand and body lotion come in a refreshing, calming lavender scent that your mind and body will love. You can purchase the cream in two different sizes: 1oz and 4oz.

Hempzilla sells our top-shelf CBD body lotion for affordable prices. This way, you don’t have to break the bank just to give your skin some support. Inside the lotion are lavender essential oils and aloe vera to provide a calming, beneficial experience that your skin will love.

You can use Hempzilla’s hand and body lotion all day long, multiple times a day without any worry. The formula won’t dry out your skin, and you’ll fall in love with the natural lavender scent. It’s not overwhelming but adds a layer of relaxation to your self-care experience. Trust us, if you want the best CBD lotion, Hempzilla is the place to get it.

To double-check quality and see for yourself just how pure our CBD lotion is, you can take a look at our third-party lab-test results. These COAs demonstrate the quality of each of our products, including testing for any harmful ingredients like heavy metals or pesticides. No matter what, our CBD hemp lotion is always the best of the best.

CBD Lotion – Frequently Asked Questions

There is still a lot to learn about CBD lotion. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding hemp CBD lotion.

How do you use CBD lotion?

Using CBD lotion is incredibly easy. In fact, it’s one of the most accessible CBD products to utilize. Essentially, you use CBD lotion just as you would any other lotion. You should apply about a dime-sized amount of lotion onto your hands or areas of your body that need the most support. Gently sub the formula into your skin until you can no longer see it. Then, all you have to do is wait a few minutes.

You can reapply CBD lotion as many times a day as you’d like. These products are meant for external use only. So, you cannot consume these lotions in any way. You also don’t want to get them in your eyes or any open wounds or scratches. If you do, make sure to thoroughly rinse out these areas and ensure they are CBD lotion-free.

How does CBD lotion work?

CBD lotion works by targeting the cannabinoid receptors found in your skin. Within the human body is a complex system of cell signalers called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is present throughout the entire body, including within the skin. Thus, when you apply the CBD to your skin, the cannabinoids target the receptors in your skin and muscle tissue. So, instead of the cannabinoids traveling throughout the body and working in various internal areas, the formula targets one spot directly. With this, consumers experienced a much more targeted, concentrated dose of CBD that’s wonderful for deep-seated aches.

CBD lotion works externally to help target the areas of your body with deep-seated, hard-to-reach.

Does CBD lotion work?

Yes, CBD does work for various people. However, it’s important to recognize that CBD lotion will not work for every person on the planet. We all have different reactions to different substances, and cannabidiol is no different. While one person might find serious success with CBD lotion, others may not feel any different. Thus, it’s important not to base your experience on someone else’s. Everyone will have a unique CBD journey, and you have to try it out yourself to see how CBD works for your skin.

However, in general, there is extensive evidence that suggests CBD lotion works for various complications and even skin types.

Does lotion make you relax?

This depends. CBD lotion will not make you relax directly, but some ingredients within the lotion may help add to a more calming atmosphere. At Hempzilla, our CBD hand and body lotion contain lavender, which has relaxing terpenes that are wonderful for helping you. While you apply it, the essential oils will travel up through the nose, triggering feelings of calm and relaxation.

However, CBD hemp lotion isn’t going to make you feel relaxed the same way that other CBD products do. Because you’re not consuming it directly, the cannabinoids cannot travel throughout the bloodstream.

Does CBD lotion show up on a drug test?

No, CBD lotion does not show up on drug tests. CBD, in general, doesn’t appear on drug tests because it isn’t an intoxicating substance. However, full-spectrum CBD with THC can make THC appear positive on a test. With CBD lotions, though, this simply doesn’t happen.

As we’ve explained, the cannabinoids from CBD topicals don’t cross the blood-brain barrier. In other words, they don’t reach your bloodstream. Thus, even if you had a test for CBD, the metabolites wouldn’t show up because they aren’t actually in your system.

How long does CBD lotion take to work?

How long CBD lotion takes to work depends on the product. With Hempzilla’s best CBD lotion. you will experience effects within minutes. For most CBD topicals, results aren’t instant, but they are incredibly rapid.

That being said, the results may not last incredibly long. Thus, you can reapply your CBD body lotion whenever you please — or whenever you feel you need some extra relief.

Does hemp lotion have side effects?

For the most part, hemp lotion doesn’t have any side effects. You won’t experience any internal side effects — however, your skin may have poor reactions depending on the ingredients. Before using CBD lotion, always double-check the ingredients to see if there are any additives that you know your skin doesn’t agree with. Also, you should apply just a small amount to the skin on the back of your hand to see if you have any reaction. If your skin doesn’t react poorly, you shouldn’t have any issue applying a larger amount elsewhere.

Potentially, after applying CBD lotion, you will want to look out for the following side effects:

  • Redness
  • Bumps or hives
  • Itchiness
  • Burning
  • Swelling

If any of these side effects occur, wash off your CBD lotion right away and do not continue using.

Can you test positive when using CBD lotion?

If you’re scared about testing positive for a drug test when using CBD lotion, don’t be! CBD lotion doesn’t get into your bloodstream, so it won’t be detectable on a drug test. Plus, drug tests aren’t going to be looking for CBD, they are going to be looking for THC.

If you’re really concerned, you can make sure to only apply broad-spectrum CBD lotions. These lotions don’t contain any THC whatsoever, so there’s no concern about potential buildup or having a false-positive drug test result. Here at Hempzilla, we make our high-quality CBD hand and body lotion with broad-spectrum formula in the first place! So, you can apply this formula completely worry-free.

How long does CBD lotion stay in the system?

CBD lotion doesn’t actually work its way into your system. Instead, it works externally. Thus, you’re going to experience results within a few minutes, but they will likely fade within about an hour. Effects from CBD lotion don’t last as long as other products, but you can reapply the formula as frequently as you need. If you find that the current formula doesn’t provide the effects you’re looking for, you can always find a stronger option.

How much does CBD lotion cost?

The cost of CBD lotion will differ depending on the product you choose. Here at Hempzilla, you can purchase our 1oz hand and body CBD lotion for just $13.99. This is an incredibly affordable price for 200 mg of high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD.

For a bigger option, you can purchase our hemp CBD lotion in a 4oz container for $39.99. This container still has 200 mg of CBD, but you have several more doses of it. Both of these options contain identical CBD formulas. If you haven’t tried CBD lotion before, we would suggest starting with the 1oz option to ensure the product is right for you. Then, once you finish that one, you can always upgrade to the 4oz option, instead.

How to apply CBD lotion

Applying CBD lotion is easy. All you have to do is locate the areas of your body that are hurting the most. Then, apply about a dime-sized amount of CBD lotion directly to that area. Massage the CBD lotion in until there isn’t any visible residue left. Within minutes, you should start to experience a bit of relief.

Once that starts to fade, you can apply another dose of CBD lotion to your areas of discomfort. As long as your skin doesn’t have any adverse reactions, you shouldn’t have any issue re-applying this infused cream throughout the day.