Where Can I Buy CBD Oil? The Ultimate Guide to Buying CBD Oil

CBD is an increasingly popular wellness product that has been shown to help with a variety of health-related issues such as chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, and sleep.  

If you’re on the hunt for CBD and are wondering, “where can I buy CBD oil?”, you’ll notice there are two different ways to buy it: in-person or online. There are many factors to consider when deciding which is the best option for you, such as: Do you have time to commute to a store or wait for a shipment to arrive? Do you live near a local CBD shop? Are there any benefits associated with buying CBD oil in-person versus online? 

In this blog post, our goal is to help you make the best purchase decision by understanding all your options and the pros and cons of each! 

How is CBD oil made?

Before we get into answering the question, “where can I buy CBD oil?”, let’s start with the CBD basics. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical compound that can be extracted from the hemp plant. CBD from hemp has a much lower THC level than marijuana, less than 0.3% to be exact, meaning it doesn’t have psychoactive effects and cannot get you high. 

When it comes to extraction methods, there are several methods, such as CO2, steam, and isolationAt Hempzilla, we always use CO2 extraction because it is the cleanest method and reveals the pure, potent products we are known for.  

So, why would other companies use a different method? Most of the reasoning surrounds the fact that the CO2 process takes longer and is more costly. While we believe that time and money shouldn’t be question, some companies prefer the cheaper route. Many of these alternatives also leave behind heavy metals and other impurities that can be harmful and unhealthy. Additionally, the brands that opt for the isolate process ultimately strip away all of the beneficial cannabinoids, leaving customers with ineffective formulas

CBD tincture dropper filled with CBD oil

Is CBD oil right for me?

If you’re considering purchasing CBD oil or other CBD products, chances are you want it for one of the following reasons: 

  • You suffer from chronic pain and need a natural alternative  
  • You have anxiety and are searching for balance 
  • You have low energy levels throughout the day and are looking for a boost 
  • You struggle with sleep and desire a more restful night’s sleep 

But which CBD oil is right for you? When it comes to choosing CBD, you can look into specific product lines or the strain of CBD used.  

Product lines can include Joint & Muscle collections that are made with other ingredients like ActivAloe® and menthol, which are beneficial for inflammation and painSleep collections typically feature a blend of CBD and cannabinol (CBN), which is a cannabinoid often associated with sleep.  

The three strains of CBD — Sativa, Indica, and hybrid — can also influence your decision. For example, Sativa has uplifting, energizing properties, while Indica is a more mellow, calming strain. Indica is a fine-tuned balance of the two. Depending on your personal needs, whether it be a social boost or a nightly relaxer, there’s a strain for you— just be sure to double-check which product formula aligns with those needs best! 

Where can I buy CBD oil in person?

CBD is legal in all 50 states, meaning you can purchase it at any local shop that carries CBD products. Select smoke shops, gas stations, health food stores, and major retailers are among this collective of CBD distributors.  

There are many benefits that might encourage you to buy CBD oil in person. The first is that you can speak directly with the seller and ask questions about thproducts and how they work. Second, you can see, and potentially test, the physical products in person. Third, you’ll have a variety of brands right at the tip of your fingers, so say farewell to dozens of open browser tabs! 

Our biggest rule of thumb: make sure you visit trusted shops that sell top-quality products, which have been lab-tested and are from reputable brands that are transparent about their ingredients and production processes 

Where can I buy CBD oil online?

The beauty of the World Wide Web is that you can fulfill all your CBD needs from the comfort of your home. Almost all brands are guaranteed to have websites that feature all the good stuff. While going to your local CBD distributor or smoke shop offers the unmatched benefit of customer service, life happens and sometimes you just can’t get there.  

The great thing is most brands with websites provide insightful, straight-from-the-source information about their products. Think: product descriptions, ingredients, customer testimonials, high-quality photos, live chat integrations, and information about their CBD harvesting methods. At Hempzilla, we also make sure to include the lab reports for full product transparency.  

While firsthand product reviews from your local store owner are invaluable, you’ll find online CBD brands and CBD wholesalers to offer information that is just as, if not more, helpful. Don’t get us wrong, not all brands will reach this caliber. But when you do find a great CBD website with online shopping capabilities, you’ll know!  

How to buy CBD oil online

How do I know if a CBD shop is charging the right amount?

If you’re a CBD beginner, it can be hard to know if the prices for CBD products are fair or not. If you want a quality product but don’t want to overpay, it’s important that you do your research before making a purchase. 

One of the best ways to do this is by comparing similar products from multiple brands online. Check the ingredients they use. Look for where they harvest their CBD. Learn about how they extract their CBD oils. All of these factors can play a big part in determining how much a CBD oil or other CBD product costs.  

To give an example, some companies use the isolate (isolation) process to extract the oils. This is not only the cheapest method but also one with a reputation for being ineffective. In contrast, brands that use CO2 extraction methods are more likely to feature higher prices due to longer processing times, the cost of the method itself, and the undeniable purity of the output. 

So, while it might be tempting to buy the cheaper products on the shelf, always consider the above before jumping on a deal that seems too good to be true. 

Where can I buy CBD oil tinctures for my pet?

It may come as a surprise, but major pet storelike PetSmart and Petco carry CBD products for petsIf there’s a specific product and brand your pup likes best, there is a possibility these stores might not have it in stock just yet. If that’s the case, check out the preferred brand’s online shop so you can stock up on all those tasty CBD oil tinctures and treats for your best pal! 

Buy CBD oil for pets

Buying CBD oil in-person or online: which is better?

If you’re asking “where can I buy CBD oil?” or “is it better to buy CBD in-person or online?”, there’s really no wrong way to go. If you prefer interacting with the products before buying them or speaking with a store owner for recommendations, then visiting a CBD shop is a great place to start. If you’re all about convenience and are comfortable doing your own research or reading up on brand values, then go with the online route! 

If you have any additional questions about where to buy CBD oil or how to order from our website, we’d be happy to help answer them! Feel free to reach out anytime here.