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Ready to enjoy the rich, smooth flavor of our organically grown CBG flower? Available in 3.5 and 7 gram jars, our CBG flower is naturally potent and farm fresh. CBG is sometimes referred to as the “god molecule” or the “parent cannabinoid” of the cannabis plant because it is essentially the molecular precursor for most other cannabinoids, including CBN, THC, CBC, and CBD. At Hempzilla, we only give you the cleanest CBG flower on the market; American grown, pesticide-free, non-GMO, hand-trimmed, and slow-cured.

GREAT FOR individuals who enjoy the terpene-rich taste of flower and want a convenient option for smoking CBG.

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Experience some of the finest CBG on the market with Hempzilla’s CBG flower.  CBG is sometimes referred to as the “god molecule” or the “parent cannabinoid” of the cannabis plant because it is essentially the molecular precursor for most other cannabinoids, including CBN, THC, CBC, and CBD. Typically, CBG makes up less than 1% of the plant in most strains, but having seen the benefit of CBG, hemp strains are now being strategically and naturally bred to generate higher yields. At Hempzilla, we only give you the cleanest CBG that nature has to offer; American grown, pesticide-free, non-GMO, hand-trimmed, and slow-cured.

Hempzilla’s CBG flower have been third-party lab tested to ensure the consistent quality and potency that you know Hempzilla for. We never use pesticides or GMO’s in the growth of our hemp flower and utilize only the cleanest extraction methods to eliminate the presence of heavy metals or impurities that are commonly found in other CBD oils.

GREAT FOR individuals who enjoy the terpene-rich taste of flower and want a convenient option for smoking CBG.

The White (infamous cannabinoid-rich variety)

The genetics don’t lie here; this might as well be named “The White” itself. This flower has the common light greens, browns, and oranges you find in hemp, but also has a unique shade of white that is persistent throughout.

The smell is subtle but very woody, reminiscent of hay and cedar. A very refreshing and earthy scent.

A clean and subtle woody taste. Nothing about this flower is overpowering. It is calm, subtle, and sweet.

CBG flower’s effects are mild and pleasant on their own, somewhat similar in nature to CBD, but where its true strength lies is in its sociability. It has been said to be a “potentiator” of other strains in that, if you use it before you consume your favorite strain, or mix it half-and-half with other strains, the effect of the other strain is heightened in both effects and duration. Pair this with Hempzilla’s Bubba Kush Flower for the perfect way to amplify effects.

Also available in Pre-Rolls!

CBG Flower Jar

The 21st century has brought new life to cannabis culture. What was once considered an illicit substance used by “criminals” has become a multi-billion dollar industry that includes customers ranging from business professionals to suburban parents.

With more states moving toward legalization in the USA and many countries around the world adopting softer stances on cannabis possession, sale, and consumption, the door has opened to new ways to partake in the results of cannabis.

While cannabinoid-infused oils, tinctures, topicals, capsules, and edibles have dominated the market recently due to their ease of consumption and wide range of effects, many people don’t realize that cannabis flower has also seen advancements in product options.

In addition to CBDa and Delta-8 dominant strains that have grown in popularity over the past few years, cannabigerol, or CBG flower, proves to be an exciting addition for medical and recreational cannabis consumers.

What is CBG Flower?

CBG flower is an incredibly rare cannabinoid found predominantly in cannabis Sativa L, commonly known as hemp plants. It is estimated that hemp plants produce around 1% CBG on average, which is only a fraction of the THC or CBD levels in flowers produced by their cannabis relatives.

Despite its relatively low concentration in hemp plants, cannabis breeders and growers have been able to produce strains capable of generating very high levels of CBG, making it more accessible to those seeking to buy CBG flowers for its incredible results.

What does CBG flower do?

In addition, it is estimated that CBG has 20 times the power of CBD in treating inflammatory conditions, making it a potent alternative to other cannabinoid compounds and products.

Furthermore, the specific reaction CBG flower has with the body’s endocannabinoid system has made many who smoke CBG flowers feel more energized, focused, and in many cases more engaging in social situations.

Research and anecdotal evidence regarding CBG flower strains are still being collected. Still, many consumers have found CBG flower to be a very effective solution without the psychoactive effects.

Should You Choose CBG Flower over CBD Flower?

Whether or not CBG flower is better than CBD flower is a question that can only be answered by the individual. The truth is, both CBD and CBG have their own effects on your body and mind, but many people find they experience a different type of high when they use CBG flowers than when they use THC or CBD products.

Often, consumers choose CBD products because they are more readily available in dispensaries and mainstream retail outlets around the country. However, this may change as more and more people buy CBG flowers and find that it’s a great cannabinoid for symptoms related to digestion, mood, and energy.

Because of how CBG binds to cannabinoid receptors in the body.

Since CBG flower for sale has yet to be widely used, it has not been categorically studied in the same way other cannabinoid products like CBD oil have. Still, many consumers find that CBG flower is an excellent alternative to cannabis’ more psychoactive effects.

Where to Buy CBG Hemp Flower Online?

CBG flower for sale can be found on a variety of online websites that distribute cannabis products to individuals who meet the minimum age requirement in their locality.

Be aware that many sites may claim to sell CBG flowers but actually just sell CBD products, so it’s essential to double-check that the website you’re purchasing your CBG hemp flowers from is selling genuine and authentic CBG flowers.

The most reputable place to buy CBG hemp flower strains online is HempZillaCBD. This online retailer of all things hemp is well known for offering cannabis consumers high-quality organic CBG flower and a certified Hemp Industries member.

HempZillaCBD is open to customers worldwide and has a wide selection of CBG smokable hemp flower that is lovingly cultivated without the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. With HempZilla’s high-grade CBG flower strains, you can enjoy all the goodness of CBG smokable hemp flower without any fear of getting an inferior quality product.

Consider Hempzilla’s CBG flower wholesale program if you are interested in selling premium CBG hemp flower in your retail location or cannabis dispensary. CBG flower wholesale prices are much lower than retail pricing, making it a great way to use and earn extra income on a product that you love.

How CBG Flower Is Made?

Because of the low concentrations of CBG naturally occurring in fully matured hemp plants, CBG flower is usually harvested from younger organic hemp plants when the CBG potency is at its highest. It is typically sourced from CBG hemp flower strains known to contain higher concentrations of CBG, such as The White, Super Glue, and Jack Frost.

After harvesting organic CBG flower from hemp plants, the flowers are hung upside down to dry. Once all moisture has evaporated, it is cured, packaged, and marketed for CBG flower wholesale and retail purchases.

How does CBG Hemp Flower work?

CBG works like any other cannabinoid by binding to receptors in the body. In the case of CBG, the two types of cannabinoid receptors that it attaches to are CB1 and CB2. This makes the effects of CBG slightly different from THC because these receptors control many parts of our bodies.

Many consumers report experiencing a different type of high when they use CBG flower than when they have used THC or CBD products. In addition, the effects of CBG in the body are milder and gentler than other cannabinoids, which is why some people prefer using this cannabinoid over others.

Since CBG binds to CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body, its effect on mood is slightly different from THC or CBD. CBG has been reported to be more uplifting and energetic when used during the daytime and does not usually provide the same sleep support for users as its THC or CBD counterpart.

How To Use CBG Flower?

Much like using any other type of cannabis flower, CBG hemp flower can be smoked or used in an herbal vaporizer. To ensure a more even burn, it is highly recommended to grind up your organic CBG flower before you roll it into a joint or pack it into a smoking device.

Some users prefer to make their own edibles out of CBG hemp flower. There are a variety of recipes online that detail the precise measurements for making your own CBG edibles out of CBG hemp flower, with the most popular ones including brownies, cookies, and chocolate truffles.

Once you buy CBG hemp flower, it’s imperative that you store the flower properly so it will remain potent until you are ready to use it. Make sure that your CBG flower is stored in a cool, dark place and kept away from direct sunlight or moisture at all times.

WARNING: Keep out of reach of children and pets. Consult your healthcare provider before taking if you are pregnant or nursing, or have any other medical concerns.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Our Guarantee

At Hempzilla, we are committed to providing you with the highest potency broad-spectrum CBD products on the market – and we have the lab results to prove it. Every step of our extraction and refining processes is designed to maintain the integrity and potency of the hemp flower.

From the Rocky Mountain springs that sustain our organically grown hemp, to our proprietary CO2 extraction process that remove heavy metals and impurities, we never cut corners to cut costs.

Our team of hemp experts is committed to bringing you only the best ingredients and formulations. We support the farms committed to organic and sustainable farming practices and enforce strict quality standards because we truly believe CBD changes lives. No need to take our word for it… the proof is in the purity. Experience the Hempzilla difference today!


We’ve discovered CBG flower wholesale and retail purchases to be an excellent option for chronic and acute inflammation, pain, and soreness. CBG hemp flower is also a popular mood enhancer, making it a good choice for those who suffer from depression, anxiety, or mood disorders.
The cannabinoid is commonly described as an energy booster because of how CBG reacts with our endocannabinoid system. This means that CBG hemp flower is often used during the daytime by those who need to be energetic and enthusiastic but not at night when they need to relax.
The specific feelings associated with smoking CBG flower can vary from person to person, but many users report that they feel energized, uplifted, and focused after using CBG flower. Like CBD, CBG flower is non-psychoactive and does not cause the same euphoric feelings associated with ingesting psychoactive cannabinoids such as THC.
The main difference between CBD flower and CBG flower is that CBD does not bind to CB1 or CB2 receptors in the body. This means that while both cannabinoids are good for pain and inflammation, only CBG flower can be used to stimulate our endocannabinoid system and "boost" our moods. Additionally, CBD flower is usually sourced from full-grown matured hemp plants, while CBG flower is generally sourced from young hemp plants when the concentration of CBG in the buds is at its highest.
The 2018 Farm Bill cleared the way for all hemp products containing less than .03% THC to be sold and consumed legally in the USA on the federal level. However, be aware that some states have specific rules about the consumption and purchase of hemp products in flower form, so be sure to check your local laws before you buy.
Studies on how CBG binds with specific receptors in the body suggest that it won't get you high. Many users have reported elevated mood and energy as a result of smoking CBG flower, but nothing similar to how smoking THC or other psychotropic cannabinoid compounds would affect you. Interestingly enough, research is emerging to show that CBG may actually reverse or counteract the effects of THC, making it a powerful solution for those experiencing the adverse effects of smoking THC-rich cannabis, such as paranoid or anxious feelings.
The distinct skunky or citrusy aroma associated with cannabis is mainly due to the presence of terpenes in the flower. CBG has a very mild scent compared to CBD or THC but can still be detectable when smoked or vaporized. Many users describe the smell of CBG as refreshing, earthy, or woody, very similar to that of hay or cedar.
Many cannabis users choose CBG flower because of its uplifting and energizing effects. This makes it popular for use during the day when you need to be alert, focused, and productive. The same effects that help users stay alert also work to balance their moods, making CBG a good choice for those suffering from stress or anxiety. CBG is so effective at stimulating activity in the mind without getting too psychoactive that it has been dubbed "nature's stimulant" by some cannabis aficionados. CBG does not usually make a person sleepy or tired unless smoked in incredible quantities. Generally, the only side effect associated with CBG other than elevated mood and energy is increased appetite.
The length of time a person will feel the effects of smoking CBG flower varies based on weight, metabolism, tolerance, amount smoked, and intake method. Most healthy adults can expect to feel the effects for up to 3 hours, though some users may experience them as long as 6 hours. The onset of the initial effects of CBG typically occurs within 5 minutes or less. Because CBG does not bind to receptors in the body like THC, it is easier for your body to flush itself of this cannabinoid, reducing the risk of grogginess or lethargy often associated with a comedown from traditional cannabis.
The length of time CBG stays in your system will vary depending on the frequency of use, the amount ingested, and other factors. Unfortunately, these factors make it difficult to predict the exact amount of time it stays in your system. However, the fact that CBG does not bind with receptors in the same way THC does means that it could be flushed from your system faster than THC. In most cases, it should be gone from your body within a few days if you haven't consumed any within that time frame. However, if you are a frequent user of CBG, it could be in your system for up to 30 days, depending on your lifestyle, metabolism, and liver health.
The CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors that CBG binds to are located in the skin. This means that the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties of CBG can be quite beneficial for your skin. In clinical studies, CBG has been shown to be effective in inflammatory dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, and other common problems with the skin. While research and more clinical studies are needed to show just how beneficial CBG can be for skin, the available research shows promise in this area.
The receptors that CBG compounds bind to in the body regulate stress responses and calm the nervous system. This is why CBG is so effective at reducing feelings of paranoia, stress, and anxiety. Currently, a great deal of research is being conducted on CBD for its possible role in helping with a variety of mental health disorders, including depression, insomnia, social phobias, schizoaffective disorder, stress, anxiety, etc. Though research is still being conducted on CBG for its role in controlling moods and stress, the current reports are positive. Furthermore, CBG flower has been widely regarded by users as an excellent way to decrease the adverse effects of THC over-consumption, such as paranoia or acute anxiety.
Yes. CBG flower can be smoked using a hand pipe, bong, or other similar smoking devices. It can also be ground up and rolled into joints. Some users prefer to load CBG flower into herbal vaporizers as they find the effects more intense and immediate than smoking it. Because of its growing popularity, many cannabis retailers have started purchasing CBG flower wholesale to meet the increased demand. This has led to some strains of cannabis with high CBG content being planted and grown in the United States.
Many wonder when they buy CBG flower if smoking it will cause them to fail a drug test. The truth is that on its own, CBG is not likely to show up on a drug test. Like CBD, CBG is not generally screened for since it is non-psychoactive and therefore doesn't interfere with one's ability to perform the duties of their position. Because CBG flower is sourced from hemp plants that contain trace amounts of THC, there may be a chance that THC will show up on a drug test even if you have only been smoking CBG flower. However, many growers in the USA specializing in breeding CBG plants have been able to do so with undetectable amounts of THC. In any case, if you are worried about failing a drug test, it's best to speak with your employer to find out what the test includes and what you should be concerned with.
It’s important to store your CBG flower in a cool, dry place to avoid exposure to moisture. A cupboard or drawer should do just fine!
It doesn’t! Our CBG is potent but is not psychoactive.
CBG is different than CBD even though they come from the same plant. CBG is the cannabinoid that is the pre-cursor for the other cannabinoids within the plant.
Yes! CBG is legal in all fifty states, but we still recommend that you check your state and local laws for compliance guidelines.
Our CBG is organically grown in the USA using absolutely no pesticides or GMOs.

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