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CBG Products

There are at least 100 cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant, each one demonstrating different roles and properties. One of these cannabinoids is cannabigerol — or CBG for short. CBG is a somewhat rare cannabinoid in the industry that consumers are just now beginning to discover. The benefits behind the CBG cannabinoid are remarkable; it’s important for more consumers to be aware of them so they can properly utilize CBG products.

What is CBG?

CBG is one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant variety. This cannabinoid isn’t present in very large amounts naturally, but manufacturers have begun isolating the compound so we can learn more about its effects and benefits.

Because of the rarity of CBG, you may not come across CBG products as often as you would CBD or even delta 8 THC. However, when you do find them, you’ll notice that they’re available in various forms. The cannabinoid is just as versatile as its counterparts, and you can enjoy CBG in practically whatever form most appeals to you.

We’re still learning more about the specific effects of CBG, but it appears that the cannabinoid has strong therapeutic potential in a range of areas. It is important to remember that this cannabinoid is completely non-psychoactive, so it is best for consumers who aren’t looking to get high — just experience strong support.

How Is CBG Made?

Because CBG is only naturally present in super small amounts, manufacturers have to go through a more rigorous process to derive it properly.

First, extractors will get their hands on young cannabis plants. Younger plants appear to hold higher amounts of CBG than older ones, so these work best for creation. From there, they extract the cannabinoid as they would any other.

CBG is made from CBGA, which is considered the precursor to the three main cannabinoid lines of THCA, CBDA, and CBCA. With heat and light, CBGA breaks down into CBG, so cultivators have been experimenting with genetic modification in an attempt to grow more CBG-rich flowers. This cannabinoid is a tricky one, and it requires a bit more patience and effort than other cannabinoids to isolate and celebrate. However, extractors have now begun perfecting this process, leaving us with the CBG products we know today.

Best CBG Products of HempZillaCBD to Buy Online

At HempZillaCBD, we’re proud to have our own line of the best CBG products for sale. If you’re looking to buy CBG online, or buy bulk CBG, HempZillaCBD is the best place to do it.

If you’re someone who enjoys the potency and efficacy of smoking dried flowers, then you’re in luck. HempZillaCBD offers high-quality CBG flower jars just for you. You can find these jars of CBG flower in 3.5 and 7-gram options depending on how many flowers you want to stock up on.

Along with flower jars, you can also purchase our top-shelf CBG pre-rolls. These pre-rolls come in classy, high-end containers that keep your bud as fresh as ever. By the time you light it up, all of the smells, flavors, and quality of your CBG flower will come flowing at you. Our top-shelf pre-rolls are perfect for enjoying a potent dose of CBG anywhere you go (that allows smoking, of course).

Our CBG flower is some of the cleanest, purest on the market. All of our flowers are American-grown, pesticide-free, and GMO-free, leaving you to smoke in total confidence. Whether you buy bulk CBG, our jars of flower, or the CBG pre-rolls, all of our products are hand-trimmed and slow-cured to produce the highest-quality, best experience possible.

With HempZillaCBD, you can take each puff knowing that you’re smoking only the best of the best CBG products.

CBG – Frequently Asked Questions

Still, have a few questions about the CBG cannabinoid? HempZillaCBD has answers. These are the most frequently asked questions surrounding the CBG cannabinoid.

Is CBG safe?

Yes, CBG is a cannabinoid that’s safe for human consumption and enjoyment. The cannabinoid comes naturally from hemp plants and it isn’t psychoactive at all. Thus, CBG cannabinoids don’t pose much risk.

However, you always want to make sure you’re purchasing your CBG products from reputable sources that allow you to see their third-party lab-test results. These test results demonstrate the cannabinoid content within your products; they also test for harmful additives like heavy metals and pesticides. Looking at these before purchasing your CBG is a great way to ensure you’re buying safe, quality products.

Is CBG legal?

Yes, CBG and CBG products are legal in the United States. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, farmers can cultivate, produce, and sell hemp and hemp-derived products as long as they don’t contain more than 0.3% THC. Manufacturers derive CBG from hemp, allowing them to make CBG products without any fuss. If you’re worried about CBG legality, don’t be!

Does CBG get you high?

No, CBG won’t get you high. Similar to CBD, CBG is not psychoactive, meaning that it doesn’t have the binding properties to work in the brain the way that THC does. Instead, CBG has strong therapeutic potential. It helps to work alongside the ECS and provide support in various regions throughout the body.

However, no matter how much CBG you consume, you will not get high from it. It simply doesn’t have those capabilities!

Is CBG better than CBD?

This is a bit subjective! We cannot say that CBG is necessarily better than CBD — they’re just different. While CBD is wonderful for helping with some parts of the mind and body, CBG may be better for helping with other areas. 

A good way to determine whether you like CBG better than CBD is to try both cannabinoids for yourself. Then, you can compare how the two compounds felt in the body and see which one you enjoy more. CBG and CBD both help the ECS in different ways, so it is hard to compare them directly. However, they’re both just as safe and supportive as the other.

Does CBG show up on a drug test?

No, the CBG cannabinoid is not going to show up on your drug test. Your employer or person of authority is not going to be testing for CBG because the cannabinoid is non-psychoactive. These tests would be looking for THC, Instead.

However, be aware that if you enjoy full-spectrum CBG products, you may experience a false-positive drug test result. This is because the small amount of THC in these products may cause enough of a build-up for the test to detect.

So, if you’re worried about an upcoming drug test, you don’t have to be concerned about CBG — just THC.

Can you smoke CBG?

Yes, smoking CBG is a great way to embrace the full effects of the cannabinoid quickly and effectively. Inhalation provides the quickest onset effects out of all the cannabis consumption methods you can try, so you’ll feel the benefits of your CBG right away.

Here at HempZillaCBD, we sell high-quality CBG flowers that are meant for you to smoke in your bowls, bongs, or joints. When you buy our CBG flower, you’ll notice immediately how aromatic and top-shelf our buds are. The flower smokes incredibly smoothly, not leaving any harsh feelings in your lungs.

What happens if you smoke CBG?

When you smoke CBG, you will likely notice that your mind calms down and your body relaxes a bit. A lot of consumers note the heavy body feelings that CBG brings, helping you feel more at ease and decompressed.

How long does CBG stay in your system?

How long CBG stays in your system depends on how often you consume it. If this is your first time trying CBG, then it will likely stay for about 2 to 5 days. However, if you consume it several times a week, then the cannabinoid will linger for weeks at a time.

Is CBG stimulating?

Surprisingly, CBG appears to have strong stimulating properties. Some consumers have compared the energizing characteristics to that similar to a caffeine rush, making it a great cannabinoid to consume at the start of the day — especially when you need a bit of a boost.

Is CBG an anti-inflammatory?

Yes, CBG does have anti-inflammatory properties. Right now, researchers aren’t sure of the extent to which these anti-inflammatory characteristics are, but they know there is strong potential for relief and comfort. Studies demonstrate that CBG may be helpful for inflammatory bowel disease, in particular.