How To Use A Vape Pen: A Beginner Friendly Guide (2021)

CBD vape pens offer an easy, efficient way to enjoy cannabidiol. Our guide is a perfect entry point to learn about vaping CBD. Get started here!

Although the first commercially successful vape pen was invented in 2003 by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in Beijing, patents for vape pens can be traced back to 1930.

Vape pens were originally designed for nicotine users as a way for them to ween off smoking cigarettes. In modern times, CBD vape pens offer a healthier alternative to traditional nicotine pens.

This guide will tell you not only how to use a vape pen, but all you need to know about vaping CBD. That way you can select the best pen to fit your purposes.

What Is Vaping?

Vaping is the process of inhaling a vaporized substance from an electronic cigarette or another sort of vape pen. For those asking, “do vape pens get you high,” many substances can be vaped such as nicotine, marijuana, THC, and CBD, so vape pens that contain THC may lead to the feeling of getting high.

Unlike smoke, vapor is less harmful to the respiratory tract. It also contains fewer carcinogens than smoke. The vapor given off by a vape pen is often more odorless than smoke as well.

This makes vaping a more subtle way to consume substances than traditional smoking. Vaping became popular during the early 2000s and remains one of the top social trends today.

What Is CBD?

Debunking Common CBD Questions

CBD is an acronym that stands for cannabidiol and it is one of the most common chemical compounds found in the marijuana plant. CBD doesn’t get you high like THC, but it does benefit your body and mind in other ways.

There are some concrete medical benefits that CBD provides to user’s overall wellness routines. It is useful for treating anxiety, depression, stomach, and digestive issues, and insomnia.

There are many other positive properties attributed to CBD such as anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory characteristics. The best way to find out about CBD’s health benefits is by contacting your doctor.

A medical professional can examine your specific situation and give you sound medical advice on whether or not CBD is right for your circumstances. If you choose to use CBD, vaping CBD is one of your healthiest options.

Enter CBD Vape Pens

Smoke burns out your respiratory tract and is full of carcinogens. Sugary edibles are not the healthiest option and can lead to weight gain over time. For users that want the healthiest experience possible when using CBD, vape pens are essential. There are vape pens for anxiety, hemp vape pens, vape pens for pain, and much more!

Disposable Vape Pens for Beginners

The most beginner-oriented option when it comes to vaping is a disposable vape pen. The 3 pack is a great option because it allows you to try 3 different kinds of CBD e-liquid.

Socialize, balance, and relax, all have their characteristics and are suited for each of the situations they are named after. A beginning user may like one or all of the three varieties offered.

By getting the 3 pack right away you will be able to narrow down your preferences for the future. You can do all of this for an affordable price that doesn’t break your budget.

These types of disposable vape pens are geared towards beginners. Wondering how to use a vape pen? All you need to do is unbox your pen and inhale on its mouthpiece. The longer you inhale, the larger your hit of vapor will be and the larger your dose of CBD.

There is no worrying about refilling or switching out CBD vape cartridges. You don’t need to think about recharging a battery as well. When your disposable vape pen is past its lifespan all you need to do is throw it out.

While disposable vape pens are great for beginners and short-term use, they aren’t the best for the environment. Each disposable vape pen is single-use meaning that it produces a lot of single-use plastic waste.

The disposable batteries also wreak havoc at landfills and can constitute a major fire hazard if not disposed of the right way. Over time, the cost of buying individual single-use disposable vapes adds up.

Taking It to the Next Level

cbd vape pens disposable hemp balance

If you are ready to take your CBD vaping experience to the next level you need to examine all options. One of the best is the Ki Device. This metallic black vape pen is built for ease of use.

Its long battery life and rechargeable capabilities make it more of a long-term investment for CBD connoisseurs than your common disposable vape pen.

It’s hassle-free in the sense that all of its pods are replaceable. When one runs dry, slap in another Ki pod and you’re good to go. You can keep the device around for multiple uses which makes it a more eco-conscious option.

Juuls are another great option when it comes to affordable multiple-use vape pen technology. You can find these types of vapes for under $50 and their cartridges are equally affordable.

For those that want something fancy, there are more advanced vapes on the market that are rechargeable and don’t use disposable CBD vape cartridges.
These pens are for vaping CBD oil from a refillable chamber.

When the chamber runs dry, you can fill it back up with CBD vape juice. This type of vape produces the least amount of single-use plastic trash.

These are also the most expensive type of vape pen and can cost hundreds of dollars. However, users that use CBD every day they can pay for themselves in a few months.

This is because buying raw CBD vape juice is much cheaper in the long run than buying either cartridges or single-use disposable vape pens. It is also much better for the environment.

Learn How To Use A Vape Pen And Which Pen Is Right For You!

The only way to find out which of the many kinds of CBD vape pens work best for you is to try as many as possible.

The best rule of thumb for beginning vape enthusiasts is to start slow and upgrade your equipment as you go. That way you won’t get in over your head before your know what you are doing.

Contact a professional vape pen sales team today to go over your options and see what kind of cbd works best for you and your lifestyle!