Hempzilla CBD Featured on Modern Living with Kathy Ireland

Our own CBD ambassador, Amy Nicklaus, joined Kathy Ireland on Modern Living with Kathy Ireland®* to discuss how Hempzilla CBD is working with sustainable USA farmers to be a trustworthy resource for consumers, and how our transparency and purity has made us an industry leader for the last five years.


When Hempzilla CBD opened its doors in 2015, we set out to offer customers expertise, quality control, and efficacy during a time when shelves were (and still are) flooded with products claiming all kinds of impressive results with nothing to back up their claims.

“The primary focus for everyone at Hempzilla is purity. With purity comes potency, and a potent, effective product is the only one that we will put our name behind. To ensure that it meets our standards and to provide full transparency to consumers, all products are tested by 3rd-party chemists in state-of-the-art GMP and ISO Cetrified labs. Purity from contaminants, trace heavy metals, solvents, micro-bacteria, mycotoxins, an absolutely any traces of THC is what we are constantly testing for.” – Amy Nicklaus, CMO

Hempzilla CBD Modern Living with Kathy Ireland Amy Nicklaus

The hemp plant is small, but it’s a largely untapped powerhouse. With over 113 different cannabinoids and 200 plus terpenes, there’s a huge opportunity for companies to provide consumers with a holistic, healthful product when manufactured correctly. The problem is that many companies don’t have a team of experts on board, so they cut corners that seriously diminish the quality of the product and, in turn, the efficacy.

Hempzilla CBD saw this gap widening as CBD became more mainstream, and has been working hard to educate consumers on what to look for and expect in a CBD product. That hasn’t always been easy, but it’s necessary if someone wants to really harness the power of CBD in a beneficial way.

Amy Nicklaus discusses sustainable hemp farming and the importance of lab testing CBD products with Kathy Ireland.

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Even though hemp has been used in holistic medicine for decades, it really didn’t break into the US mainstream market until around 2015. At that time, Hempzilla teamed up with organic USA farmers and a team of scientists to really explore the potential for CBD, and the results were staggering. We’ve seen this plant do AMAZING things when manufactured correctly.

While there are a lot of clinical lab tests still running, hundreds of thousands of CBD users across the US have boasted about how they use CBD regularly for anxiety, inflammation, arthritis, pain relief, and much more.

Many companies don’t take the necessary steps to maintain the quality of the plant, though, and that can result in products that essentially don’t do anything. This has turned some people off to CBD because they don’t think it works for them when, in reality, CBD does work. That’s why the company you purchase your CBD from is essential.

“We work directly with organic sustainable farmers and our labs are right here in the USA, so we control every aspect of how our products are made, unlike most of the industry, which gives us a distinct advantage.” – Amy Nicklaus, CMO

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At Hempzilla, we take a lot of pride in the growth of our hemp

Our CBD starts as hemp flower organically grown in Colorado under the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Each plant is never exposed to pesticides or GMOs and is naturally fed by nutrient-rich Rocky Mountain water until it reaches maturity. From there, it is ethically hand-picked and hand-trimmed. This gives us an incredible base product to turn into everything, including tinctures, pet treats, and premium raw flower.

For anything that includes CBD oil, such as tinctures and topicals, we use a clean CO2 extraction method that helps remove heavy metals and impurities, which many companies leave behind. We don’t believe in cutting any corners when it comes to our products. That’s key.

Our gold standard quality CBD is where all of our competitors have fallen short

On Modern Living with Kathy Ireland, Amy discussed how Hempzilla CBD uses several different hemp strain genetics during cultivation to get well-rounded cannabinoid content in our finished products. It has always been important for us to have seed-to-table traceability to ensure every step of our process meets our standards at all times. The gold standard quality we have is where all of our competitors have fallen short, and that can be dangerous to allow in the marketplace.

“Hempzilla was the first brand in the CBD industry to boast that we had FDA registered GMP certifications, used organic practices, and built sophisticated ISO certified, pharmaceutical grade formulation and extraction labs.

We’re also one of the few companies who have a full-time PhD biochemist on staff to oversee all testing and ensure that our products contain less than .3% Delta-9 THC and are micro-bacteria free.” – Amy Nicklaus, CMO

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Testing is one of the biggest components of what we do because it’s such an important element for quality-control. At Hempzilla CBD, we follow Good Manufacturing Practices, also referred to as GMP, in an ISO 6000-rated lab. This means that our products must pass rigorous evaluations and maintain a high, consistent standard in order to pass into the hands of consumers. We test for quality, potency and stability in an area of the industry that still suffers neglect and, in some cases, dishonesty, even with some larger national brands.

Hempzilla CBD is pure and potent

Hempzilla CBD Modern Living with Kathy Ireland Lab

Potency is a difficult thing to understand for the consumer. It’s always been assumed that the higher the milligram strength of a product, the more potent it will be, but that’s not entirely true. For example, Hempzilla’s 500mg products perform five times better than our competitor’s 1500mg products.

That is partly because Hempzilla CBD uses methods of extraction to keep our golden CBD oils in their most natural state so we don’t damage the medicinal molecules this plant has to offer. We also use only the best ingredients from top suppliers in the U.S. to create synergistic blends. Being that our products are broad-spectrum with that level of potency, there’s the creation of the famed “entourage effect” that’s so coveted in the industry. When producing CBD products, the goal is to keep as many of these molecules (cannabinoids) as possible in their natural state with the exception of the THC molecule, which is responsible for psychoactive effects.

Removing this one molecule and leaving all the others is considered broad-spectrum. On the other hand, if we were to leave the THC molecule, it would be considered full spectrum. Most products strip away all of the molecules in a harsh process called isolation or isolates. This process, although it’s cheaper, ends up stripping away most of the medicinal qualities, resulting in little to no beneficial effects.

This is why many first-time CBD users who buy cheaper products complain that they didn’t work. We have heard countless experiences of individuals who tried CBD and thought it didn’t work, but tried Hempzilla CBD products and were shocked at the difference.

Hempzilla CBD Modern Living with Kathy Ireland Bath Soak

What’s the science behind CBD?

The first thing that’s important to note is that hemp contains over 100 cannabinoids that are similar to what our bodies naturally produce. People and some pets, such as dogs, produce endocannabinoids that bind to endocannabinoid receptors. Endocannabinoids are essential and have been noted to play a part in our immune system responses, memory, mood, and more. By taking CBD, you’re increasing the amount of cannabinoids readily available to your endocannabinoid system.

One example of how CBD can benefit the body is its effect on reducing inflammation in the body.

What are some of our most loved CBD Products?

Hempzilla CBD Modern Living with Kathy Ireland Pain Spray

Our Joint & Muscle Gel is the star of Hempzilla’s product line, being that it is a consistent top-seller and the product a majority of our customers purchase a subscription for. We regularly get reviews calling this a “miracle gel” and for good reason. It’s available in a gel, roll-on, and spray, and contains powerful ingredients that cool on contact, while penetrating deep into muscles and joints, helping to speed up the recovery processes.

Hempzilla’s CBD Bath Soaks are another loved product, available in Lilac, Eucalyptus, Mango, Unscented, and Nighttime. They’re great for anyone looking to ease muscle tension, melt away everyday stress, and get a better night’s sleep. They are also completely free of dyes and harsh chemicals and contain a blend of natural ingredients, including Epsom salt, coconut oil, natural fragrances, and pure, broad-spectrum CBD. Simply draw a warm bath, sprinkle in about 4 ounces, and soak for 20 minutes. It’s truly a full-sensory relaxation experience.

What’s next for Hempzilla CBD?

We’re constantly expanding our product lines and exploring new, exciting ways to incorporate this incredible plant into our daily lives, so there’s definitely a lot in store for Hempzilla CBD. We will continue sticking to our values, maintaining our high standards for purity and transparency in the marketplace, and helping consumers understand what they’re taking and why it matters. When a company truly commits itself to deliver a fantastic product, people know it. That makes what we do so immensely rewarding.


*Airing on March 11, 2021 at 7:30AM ET/PT as sponsored content, Kathy Ireland will welcome Chief Marketing Officer of Hempzilla CBD, Amy Nicklaus, to Modern Living with kathy ireland® to learn more about Hempzilla’s game-changing CBD solutions.